Manifestation creates a vision for the future - putting in energy and intention turns that vision into a reality!

Who should use this candle? : Those who are ready to live out their dreams in this physical reality. Those who want to elevate their life. Those who are ready to take control of their life. Those who are ready to make 2023 their year!

Comes with one candle (1) 

Cleanse + Set Intention + Light

Ingredients:  Intention + Soy Wax + Paraffin Wax + Mica Powder (Brown, Gold & Silver only)

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Fragrance: None | Fragrance Free

Measurements: Each candle is Height - 5 inches | Width - 1 inch | Length - 1 inch** 

**measurements are approximate

Burn Time:  2+ hours  | Please keep in mind, burn time will vary since many factors go into manifestations (your energy, energy around you, intentions, headspace, etc). 

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