HOLD UP! is a transparent, non-sticky styling wax that allows for customizable eyebrow styling, without any stiffness!

Lift, groom, and sculpt your brows into place with just a few upward strokes to get those fluffy brows. It's extremely easy to apply, leaving eyebrows looking fuller.

This is the ultimate fluffy brow setter product that comes in a "jumbo" sized dose will last you forever!

How to use:

  • Use a spoolie brush to apply a small amount of product. A little goes a long way.
  • Optionally, use the slanted tip of a dual brush, dab, and apply a small amount of product onto brows, then use a spoolie to brush it through brows.
  • Always apply onto clean brows, to avoid any residue.
  • Brush through your brows using upward and outward motions and gently press into your brow to flatten the hairs for a polished look.
  • To maintain the best product quality, the cap must remain tightly closed at all times when not in use.

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