• 6'0" X 20 1/2" X 2 3/4"  39.2 L
  • Thruster / Futures Fin System


After being on tour and riding conventional 3 fin surfboards for the majority of my life... In the early 2000's I approached Al Merrick in the attempt to change my approach to surfboards. I made a single fin first. It was 5'9. Very old school looking but with some modern bottom contours. Low rocker. Lots of volume. Next was a fish. 5'6. It wasn't exactly your traditional fish but a more modernized version. From afar it looked very fishy, but from up close it had a more modern feel.

The natural progression from there was to make a thruster, so we took the single fin with a ton of volume and very little rocker and we shortened it and threw 3 fins on it. The first one was 5'2 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/4 and it felt amazing.............. My eyes had been opened to a whole new world... I couldn't explore this gap fast enough.  My standard short board was 5'10 at the time and now I had this 5'2. Everything in between those 2 boards was unknown and there is so much to find... Rockers, foils, volume, etc... I was losing sleep over it every night.

The Almond Butter is part of my continuing search to make your everyday surfboard very fun and forgiving. It's one of those boards you can ride in really small waves and have a blast or you can paddle out in over head surf and still have a blast. You're not going to see someone ride it in a heat ever and that's ok.  I personally think that the Almond Butter is a great tube riding board. But that's just me. I ride my Almond Butter at 5'4. The name came from the outline. I felt like the nose had the shape of an almond and the tail had the shape of stick of butter. ALMOND BUTTER.

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