Staycation x  Encinitas

Encinitas…. well let me tell ya while it may be one of those little gems that you find like that extra $20 in your jeans after a wash, or it might be your home town that you take a bit for granted… Either way, Encinitas is definitely one of if not THE best town in San Diego County and we are gonna let you in on the greatness by giving you a run down of our favorite spots from early morning until…. well the next early morning (if you can keep up!) Visitors or locals lets start with a must see morning adventure…  Set your alarm clocks for 7:00am (okay okay hit snooze and check your Instagram, twitter and what not.) Now throw on some workout gear and head to the coast, you know all the palm trees that you drive past and that strip of beautiful blue water where people are always running or biking ya… lets start there. Park or walk down to Swami’s and watch the surf, while it’s still clean and not too crowded and hey if your feeling up for it… challenge yourself and hit the stairs a couple times. “We get about three sets in depending on how many mules we had the night before.” You can also enjoy a beautiful walk along the coastline where natural cliffs meet the sand on a mile long stretch of beach to the south.
Let’s not forget about the most important meal of the day which many of us do during the week… That’s right options! Our favorite old school breaky spot is “The Potato Shack.” It’s been around since I don’t know the beginning of time. They have incredible  American Fries and they are ALL YOU CAN EAT! Just ask for seconds! 
If you're more of a healthy eater head over to “Good on ya cafe” where you will enjoy some amazing wraps, and raw juices. Now sometimes going out to Breaky can be a bit time consuming so if you're in a hurry or more of a coffee person and want tasty breakfast sandwiches, incredible coffee drinks, teas and more head over to “Better Buzz.” The esthetics and energy alone are sure to pull you in. “Our personal favorites are the Pitaya bowls and the Gibraltar” 
Alright so now it’s about 10am and you're ready to hit the beach. Encinitas has incredible beaches, head down to some of the lettered street beaches, moonlight for some volleyball or more secluded spots like pipes and the camp grounds. after catching some rays, waves and hitting the ball around you've definitely worked up an appetite. So lets tend to those tastebuds; A must eat lunch spot is “The Fish Shop!” Where you can enjoy premium beers, great service, and melt in your mouth fish dishes. “Our personal favorites are the Mahi Mahi fish tacos and the coconut shrimp!” Okay so maybe you're not a fish eater, If not walk over to "Union Kitchen" where you can nibble on some one of a kind, flat bread pizza’s and delicious burgers. (They also have an incurable drink menu!) 
 So now you're going to work off you're incredible last meal. Encinitas is known for some great shopping all within walking distance and if more adventurous rent a bike from "Concept Surf Shop" and enjoy all the fun and unique stores along our main drag. We have beautiful sight seeing, stroll over to "The Self Realization Gardens," relax and really take in all the beauty, It’a breath taking and a famous spot that has truly amazing views! We also have great golf courses like “The Encinitas Ranch.” 
 Now It’s Dinner time, Encinitas has so many great restaurants the decisions are endless but we are here to give you the local favorites. "East Village"  is a quaint spot where you can enjoy some asian dining. They are known for their monk pot; A 700 degrees stone pot filled with rice, your choice of meats and fresh veggies. A great date night spot or group dining is "Solace."  Tucked away from the main road, set right on the tracks you can enjoy delicious cheese boards and community tables, also all their sauces are made in house!
So you've had a few a cocktails at dinner, you walk out of the restaurants and notice the town has transformed from beach goers, shoppers and families to twinkling lights, people dressed up and contagious energy…. We know it happens to the best of us! Remember those mules I mentioned… Head over to “Bier Garden,” where you will find hundreds of beers, copper mugs with one of a kind mules and a great environment. If you're into the dive bar scene be sure to play a game of pool, order a tall beer and be ready to bust a move at "1st Street Bar" or the "Saloon."  For rowdy-er and bigger groups be sure to head over "Shelter," where you can enjoy a live DJ, bottle service, and view of the moon with the retractable ceiling. 
If you've made it this far you can say that you've seen our beautiful town in all its worth and enjoy the next rest day because you're going to need it! 
Lots of local Love,
Salt Culture
Photography by Clay Wescott