Let us all take a deep breath and recenter. With these current chaotic times it’s likely most of us are over-stressed, over-concerned, or panicked about the pandemic at hand.  The constant news headlines and media outlets have our minds running haywire on what is to come or what could be with this crisis. We at SALT CULTURE have come together as a team and recollected ourselves to remind each other of the little things in life that should not to be taken for granted.

With this in mind, we dedicate this time in “self quarantine” to share with you some of our mind, body, and soul self-help secrets and encourage everyone to either begin or amp up your home care. Let’s not wear all this stress on our faces and minds! 

Physical BEAUTY

It is certain to say by this point all of you have read up on so much about “germs, viruses, and taking extra precaution to maintain your health."  Let me introduce you to our little gem friends - Gua Sha and Rose Quartz Roller. These traditional Chinese beauty practices have the town talking about all its physiological claims (pore minimization, blood circulation, anti-wrinkle etc.).  Whether you have heard about these fast trending tools or not and all their glorifying beauty claims - all we want to emphasize is consistency is key - Rome wasn't built in one day! 

Let me take a moment to share with you a brief little physiology lesson about Human Lymphatic System: think of this system as a one way highway to ensure your body’s fluid balance and aid the immune system to fight infections and remove the junk inside your body that leaves us stuck in bed all day. Right alongside the complex lymph system of nodes, capillaries, and vessels there are blood capillaries that take away from all this - we want more blood flow! The more you massage, increase blood flow and encourage this system to work, the more you will feel and see results. We find it best to keep these tools cool in the fridge to give your regimen an extra kick. Remember to keep your face and tools cleansed and sanitized before use!

Facial Roller: Little Seed Farm

A genuine Rose Quartz crystal & Brass with handy travel pouch included. Rolling the rose quartz over your skin in an upward specific pattern not only feels amazing (cool, soothing, and relaxing) it also increases the penetration and effectiveness of serums and creams while also aiding in lymphatic drainage, de-puffing and detoxing skin. 

Gua Sha: 

The Gua Sha facial has been discovered as a traditional healing technique used in East Asia. Gua Sha is often called “scraping” as it uses smooth massage tools - usually crafted from crystals to gently “scrape” the surface of your skin and offer exfoliation. Design behind this popular beauty tool offers blood flow and circulation, muscle tension relief, and lymphatic drainage to banish puffiness and lift. 


As women, I will also add, it is safe to say there is an overwhelming amount of beauty products thrown in our faces in attempts to try and buy. Rule of thumb from our Salty Team that does an amazing job researching the latest and greatest - less is more. Simplicity is key. Know your ingredients and keep it simple people! Here are a couple of our exclusive picks to help you on your way to a self care routine you can look forward to and have fun with. 

Kopari Beauty has earned its reputation for simplicity, purity, and affordability. All products are made and based with 100% organic and sustainably sourced coconut oil. Plus they check all the right boxes - Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Phthalate Free, and Vegan! 

 Rose Toner: tighten pores and keep redness at bay with the coconut Rose Toner

Face Cream: Hydrate, restore, and soothe dry skin with the Coconut Face Cream

Coconut Cleansing Oil: easily removes makeup and cleanses your skin to silky-skin

Pure SOL Eye Mask: 

All of us have had those mornings where we wake up, take a look at ourselves and ****. A hydrogel eye mask soothes the under eye and helps rejuvenate the delicate eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Eye mask formula includes either Gold + Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid. Together “Gold” brightens, hyaluronic acid moisturizes, and hydrogel locks it all in. Keep them in the fridge for a cooling boost and say hello to bright eyes! 


Gratitude Journal: 

To wrap up our self care guide we always encourage time for self reflection and space to practice acknowledgement and expression of gratitude for the blessings in your life. Take a moment at the start or end of your day and note down daily mindfulness with this soft, mini Gratitude Journal. Allow yourself to dive deep and recognize the positivity, light and magic throughout your day, week or month. The light weight and hand held size makes this journal approachable, unassuming, and quick to fill out.  

Three Schatze Sleep Mask: 

Plush and made with quality cotton fabric, this sleep mask is made from luxuriously soft white sherpa minky. Let your eyes sink into a great soothing rest and choose your favorite of four offered print styles. 


With all our hearts we hope to spread love, collectiveness and well being. The key behind all these tricks is consistency! Find your rhythm and keep that flow going for that everlasting wellbeing we all want and deserve. 


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