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Looking for a unique way to change up the holiday season without buying a ton of decor you will be over next season!?

Cowhides, You've seen them, they have been around forever, but have you seen them like this!? Today we are going to show you a unique mix of ways to decorate your favorite spaces with all different cowhides. From color, size, shape, to which corner and even how to layer them. 

The color of the cowhide is what you want to decide on most importantly! 

Cowhides being from an animal only come natural colors. Our cowhides at Salt Culture are from the meat by product industry. [Meaning: They come from a farm where the whole animal is being used. The hides would usually be used for leather, turned into fertilizer, or burnt. We work with a butcher that skins them so that the whole animal could be used for greater purposes than just meat.] 

First Look, "The Dinning Room:"

This "Mid-Century // Modern" Look is very on trend with natural tones, a variety of greenery and hint of gold. The cowhide makes the rich browns of the wooden table and chairs pop. This first cowhide is a muted more grey tone also known as brindled.  


Following we have this beautiful light brown spotted cowhide which gives a more warm and light feel to room again with neutrals but more creams than white.  

Third we have this stunning speckled cowhide which really helps soften the room considering its mainly dark color scheme.

Fourth we have a more eclectic decor, with a fawn colored cowhide rug. This hide color is hard to find but it is a great color that allows you to mix an a-ray of browns with it. 

The classic black & white look. This is a bold look, it adds depth and contrast to any room. This color is mostly used to add that extra umph to a room!

Okay so now that we have gone over colors and you can get as feel for how they play a major roll into what look your may be or may not be going for lets see a few different looks. If you didn't fall in love with the  dinning room looks and or it's not the best because you have small children or messy eaters, Then we have a better option for you. The living room / Family room.



Here you will see a different variety of how people layered cowhides with other rugs. Allowing you to incorporate many colors and textiles!Also one of our favorite looks that is new and changes the whole look is the layering look! Here you will see a different variety of how people layered cowhides with other rugs. Allowing you to incorporate many colors and textiles!




Then we have the more intimate look, The Bedroom! This is a bold yet stunning look! We personally love this look with more neutral tones keeping the room balanced for both spouses. 


And last but far from least, the nook look! This is our personal favorite look! Spruce up any nook, corner or office with textures and as you have now learned the cowhide texture is the most fantastic to mix with.




we hope you enjoyed all the combinations we have provided and if you are interested in ordering a custom cowhide feel free to email us at 






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